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Nicaragua photo

Tour of Managua

  Casa Ben Linder- A U.S. citizen instrumental in bringing electricity to rural areas of Nicaragua during War. This was going to be his home before becoming a casualty of the War himself. These murals were painted in the late 90s -early 2000s to describe the hardships the community faced.

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Italy group photo

Living the Dream!

Ciao! We have made it to the eternal city! We landed on Saturday afternoon after nearly 24 hours of travelling.  We met up with two of our tour guides from CAPA, Laura and Valentina, and they took us on a quick tour of the city. After a bus ride we arrived at a small trattoria

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History trip photo

An Eye Opening Day 4

Good Day Belgium! Today was a jam packed tour through some of the major fields, monuments, cemeteries, and memorials of Belgium. A good sleep, and a delicious breakfast from last night’s excitement put us right back at the heart of World War I sights. We began in a Cemetery where we learned about the basics

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