Day 7&8

Japan trip

On day 7, we ventured from Kyoto to Hakone, a village in Japan where you have an incredible view of Mt. Fuji. The Green Hotel Plaza Resort focuses on its accessibility to the traditional Japanese onsen, a bathing house made from mineral water from the mountain. Our group then had an incredible experience with a … Read more about this article

Day 5&6

Our journey back from Taiyoji Temple consisted of trains, subways and busses. After arriving in Kyoto, we settled into our hotel and went out into the town to see the Nishiki Market. Some of us ventured to the Geisha district as well. Sunday morning started off with a wonderful class of Qigong. This practice was … Read more about this article

Day 4

Travel to Taiyoji ( Zen Buddhist Temple) When we first arrived in Chichibu I was absolutely amazed at the beautiful mountains and trees! It reminded me of a beautiful painting! It was definitely a different experience than the busy city of Tokyo. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. I was excited to … Read more about this article

Day 3


Starting the day off with breakfast in Otsuka, we followed it off with visiting Chiba University’s Center for Oriental Medicine. Dr. Katsumo explained to us the variety of herbs used for holistic healing. We were able to smell and taste the herbs which was such a fun experience! A presentation was made by a pharmacist … Read more about this article

Day 1&2

Gokoku-Ji Temple

After our 14 hour flight, we made our way to Otsuka and settled into the hotel. In the morning after catching up on our jet-lag, we ventured out around the area of Otsuka and visited the Mejiro Garden, the Gokoku-Ji Temple, and the famous Sensō-ji Temple! It was a beautiful day filled with the rich … Read more about this article

Less than 3 weeks til Japan!

Japan tour

We are so close to our Spirituality & Health journey to Japan! This trip, led by Dr. Komagata and Dr. Vento will be filled with immersive experiences for our travelers. Tune in here to follow our excursions!