Male Migration


By Brenna Sullivan For this activity, my group researched the different economic, cultural, historical, and political causes of men’s migration. We each researched one cause and found statistics, consequences, expert opinions, and solutions for each one. We utilized apps like WhatsApp and Zoom in order to stay in touch and keep each other updated on … Read more about this article

Migration to the United States founded by Cross-Cultural Bishops’ Document


By Priscilla Polizzi This Virtual Exchange program between the United States and Mexico was a compelling opportunity to engage in international dialogue without even having to leave the chair in my classroom! Towards the end of the semester, my peers from Mexico and my classmates met in our respective small groups to discuss an intercultural … Read more about this article

If You Had To Leave Your Home For Good and Could Only Take 5 Items, What Would You Take?


By Joseph Sette During my COIL experience, my class had the opportunity to listen to “Where is your brother?” This lecture was presented by Andrés Porras Gutiérrez, a guest speaker from Monterrey, and focused on migration experiences. His presentation not only reflected on personal stories of hardship for people within the migration process, but also … Read more about this article

An Eye-Opening Exploration, Comparison, and Reflection of Social Structures in Mexico and the United States


By Caitlin Petrellese For my collaborative online international learning experience I was placed on a team with Alexa, Fernando, and Ian from Universidad de Monterrey, we became known as team 8. In March of this year after meeting on zoom with our entire class, and then also separately as a team, we were asked to … Read more about this article

Virtual Exchange Reflections


In what ways did you enhance your intercultural communication skills from this virtual exchange program? “The virtual exchange course helped me improve my ability to communicate with people I do not know, even from my university. I feel more confident and comfortable when talking to people from different cultures.” “Through interacting with my partner from … Read more about this article