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City view of Hong Kong from The Peak

Semester Abroad in Hong Kong

Hi, my name is Debra Cohen. I studied abroad in the spring of 2018 in Hong Kong. It was an experience of a lifetime. I have lived in many different places but nothing quite like HK. When I first decided to go, I was really struggling with all the many decisions I had to make

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Photo of group of students in a classroom

4 Days Until Service-Learning Trip to Peru!

Hi everyone! There are only 4 days to go before the arrival in Cusco, Peru! Our very own GCU nursing students will be working to provide accessible health services, as well as our social work students participating in child care services. For 10 days we will experience the invaluable experience of volunteering abroad! Make sure

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Marisa in Italy

Ciao ragazzi from Italy!

Ciao ragazzi (hi guys)! As cliché as it may sound to say, my study abroad experiences in Florence, Italy has genuinely been an absolutely life changing experience. From gaining the confidence to travel to new places, to learning how to speak a new language, to stepping outside my comfort zone, studying abroad has truly been

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Brian Guarino in Thailand

Summer in Thailand

Brian Guarino taught in Chiang Rai, Thailand during Summer 2018 “I am a better teacher after volunteering abroad in Thailand.” Previous Next

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Quito Ecuador

Teaching in Ecuador

Sally Thomas-Ridgway taught abroad in Quito, Ecuador -Summer 2018 “Volunteer abroad pushes you to your limits, which helps you grow a lot as a person. It really is one of the best adventures you’ll ever have.” Previous Next

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Daniel in a mine

Wales: Thatcher and the Coal Miners

From October 13-14th, I traveled to Wales where I explored many historical sites such as Tintern Abbey, Caerphilly Castle, and one of the last Welsh coal mines. I was part of a tour that was able to descend about ninety meters underground into the mines. We had to wear a helmet with a light on the

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