2018 Volunteers

Brian Guarino in Thailand

Summer in Thailand

Brian Guarino taught in Chiang Rai, Thailand during Summer 2018 “I am a better teacher after volunteering abroad in Thailand.” Previous Next

Quito Ecuador

Teaching in Ecuador

Sally Thomas-Ridgway taught abroad in Quito, Ecuador -Summer 2018 “Volunteer abroad pushes you to your limits, which helps you grow a lot as a person. It really is one of the best adventures you’ll ever have.” Previous Next

volunteering in Tanzania

Tiffani DePietro volunteered abroad in January 2018 in Tanzania.

"Volunteering abroad is such an important experience that I will never regret. It allowed me to engulf myself in a different culture that truly became a part of me. Tanzania has changed me in so many ways, and my perspective or outlook on life has changed for the positive. Volunteering abroad offers a beautiful way to gain knowledge and a chance to grow past your boundaries."