Italy 2018


Reflections from Italy

“This trip was my very first trip out of the country.  What really made me sign up was the fact that I would be traveling with classmates and my own professors, whom I feel safe and comfortable with; I believed that having this sense of comfort and security would allow me to stress less and


The Eternal Search for Gelato Continues

One of the biggest rules that we have on this trip is that it is mandatory that we find at least one gelateria to stop at a day.  (Trust me it’s worth it) That being the case, we started our next day in Italy by heading to the Vatican City!  We spent the morning exploring the

Italy group photo

Living the Dream!

Ciao! We have made it to the eternal city! We landed on Saturday afternoon after nearly 24 hours of travelling.  We met up with two of our tour guides from CAPA, Laura and Valentina, and they took us on a quick tour of the city. After a bus ride we arrived at a small trattoria

Italy group

Buen viaje!

Check back here for updates from our students traveling to Italy!


T-Minus 3 Weeks!

We’re almost there!  In less than a month seven GCU students and two faculty members will be heading to Italy!  Here’s a look at our amazing schedule! May 2: Depart the US May 3: Arrive in Rome and tour the Pantheon! May 4: Touring the Colosseum and Ancient Rome May 5:  Vatican Museum and St.