South Africa 2020

south africa

Reflections from South Africa

Reflections by Nicole Joseph: My trip to Durban, South Africa, was amazing and eye opening. I was so excited and nervous about volunteering in a week long internship to work with special education students along-side my professors and fellow college mates.  After the 16-hour flight, we were greeted by the School for International Training(SIT) team-our

south africa

Poems inspired by South Africa

Cato Manor by Olivia Santarsiero Cato Manor homes speckle the lush, green mountainside An iridescent mosaic whose colorful people and vibrant voices paint  the tile pieces. Light bounces  off aluminum roofs. Kindness bounces  in each smile, nod, wave, laugh. Standing alone they seem broken, not whole, out of place.  But together they create a community

Meeting Gandhi’s granddaughter

Reflections from Nicole Joseph My trip to Durban, South Africa, was amazing and eye-opening. Our group had the opportunity to meet with the Honorable Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of the civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi. Ella Gandhi wore many titles in her lifetime but the titles I believe she is most proud of are the

South Africa

Reflecting back to South Africa

Reflection by Catharine Phipps Studying abroad was an amazing experience. It truly expanded my global perspective, enhanced my independence, and increased my knowledge on education. I was extremely upset to leave South Africa because it quickly became my home. SIT really did an awesome job showing us the various different aspects of the culture in

Open Air School

We were blessed to work this week at the Open Air School. This school is unique in that it provides an education to a variety of special needs students. Students are blind, hearing impaired, amputees, among many others. The classrooms are all inclusive in nature and they also keep pace with the education of the

Ela Gandhi

On Tuesday we had the privilege of meeting The Honourable Ela Gandhi. We were visiting the historic Phoenix Settlement which was home to her grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, during his stay in Durban, South Africa from 1893-1914. The Honourable Ela Gandhi told us stories of her grandfather’s work along with her own story and work with