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ghana group

Ghana awaits

Georgian Court University’s nursing students are preparing and eagerly awaiting their trip to Ghana. Students will leave for ten days on January 6th and provide healthcare for underserved communities. We have just divvied up our donations and are ready to go in less than one month.

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Water Color Class

Hong Kong Day 3: Water Color Painting Class

By Tyler Pushko: Being able to paint a watercolor with Rainbow Tse was such a fun experience. I always love to get some type of souvenir from places that I visit. Since this was a virtual tour, I am thinking of this watercolor of the marketplace view as my souvenir from this travel experience. I know that with covid restrictions lifting actual travel

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HK dumplings

Hong Kong Overall Reflection

“I liked seeing the differences between Hong Kong and the US and how the Octopus card is a huge thing. I also liked seeing a different side of Hong Kong between city and more rural.” “Seeing all the fresh food along with all the festivals and views was my favorite part! The octopus card is

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HK Nature

Hong Kong Day 2: Cheung Chau Nature-scapes

By Sloane Pasini: Cheung Chau was my favorite place so far. It’s small, more quiet, and has a lot of nature, hiking, and overlooks the water. Out of the places we’ve seen so far this is somewhere that I’d like to visit. I found it interesting that the island and streets are so small that

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HK Night

Hong Kong Day 2: Night-scapes

By Sloane Pasini: The night life of Hong Kong was very fun to see. I’m surprised that even outdoors you are required to wear masks, however, I can see why their COVID cases are extremely low. I did not think this city would be as safe as Crystal said it was. I’m used to cities

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