Belgium, France & Germany 2018

Last morning in Belgium, what a view!

Farewell To Europe

These are the final photos of our trip, a collection from beginning to end. What a time it has been! We have come so far both as friends and as travelers. We have landed back in Warsaw, Poland and are all currently setting up shop for a couple of hours, until our flight departs back to

History trip photo

Munich & Dachau: Day 9

Today was the last day we would be spending in Europe. We began our early day with our guide Mikail. We walked the very streets, stood in front of the very places that Adolf Hitler did. It was incredible! Reading about these places, and walking the same streets is a completely different feeling. Mikhail was


Paris Has The Key To Our Hearts!

The passed two days have been a whirl wind for the GCU Travel Crew! The city of lights had a tight grasp on our hearts, and our eyes! Our second day was a calm day where we visited the Bastille where prisoners used to be held in a huge palace. However during the revolution the building

Nicaragua photo

All Quiet on the Western Front: Day 5

Day 5 was quite the excursion! We began the day nice and early at the last of our World War I tour, with a final Museum in Peronne. The last half of our day consisted of a wonderful tour given by a man with such character, such tenacity, and such imagination! Our first stop had

History trip photo

An Eye Opening Day 4

Good Day Belgium! Today was a jam packed tour through some of the major fields, monuments, cemeteries, and memorials of Belgium. A good sleep, and a delicious breakfast from last night’s excitement put us right back at the heart of World War I sights. We began in a Cemetery where we learned about the basics

Grand Place, Brussels

There is “Snow” Stopping Us Now–Day 3

The journey getting to day three has been an incredible one. We began the trip with news of snow in Dublin, and our flight was canceled. Don’t feel too bad for us though, because with the help of some wonderful people, we landed a second flight to Warsaw, Poland instead. However, we lost two travelers