Reflections from Ghana


By: Yasmin Amaro-Garcia ’22  Hey everyone, it’s Yasmin here! I loved my experience abroad to Ghana as my colleagues and I provided free medical care to residents. We did wound care, malaria testing, medication administration, and blood pressure readings in several villages from infants to older adults. And when we weren’t working, we got to … Read more about this article

Final day of Volunteering


By : Kerry Mendes We had our final Malaria outreach in Apeguso!  A total of 149 people attended, 19 positive cases and 130 negative cases.  We did blood pressures, wound care, medication administration, and Malaria testing on people of all ages from infants to adults.

Volunteering Day 1

ghana By: Dr. Vincent Chen I think this video alone deserves a blog post. We woke up early and left at around 8 AM. After about one our drive on a very bumpy road, we arrived at Kpalime. Our tasks are malaria outreach and wound care. The mayor broadcasted the arrival of American medical team … Read more about this article

Accra City Tour


On Saturday, the group had the opportunity to tour the city of Accra, Ghana.  They learned about the city’s culture and history, did a little shopping, sampled Domino’s Pizza, and got a feel for the country and culture.  The highlight of this day was an opportunity to learn some drumming. Today the group has traveled … Read more about this article

1st Day in Ghana


First day wrap up! Orientation is half way done! We learned and practiced speaking Ewe. Settling in for the night, playing cards and excited to go shopping in Accra tomorrow!

Ghana awaits

ghana group

Georgian Court University’s nursing students are preparing and eagerly awaiting their trip to Ghana. Students will leave for ten days on January 6th and provide healthcare for underserved communities. We have just divvied up our donations and are ready to go in less than one month.