Costa Rica Day 6

Day six of Costa Rica was filled with many activities and farm tours.  We started off touring Finca Maria Jose which is where Vickie is spending her homestay.  We learned all about all of the plants that she had as well as all of the animals that she took care of.  Then, we painted signs.  Gianna and Erica pained … Read more about this article

Costa Rica Day 4

costa rica

Day four of Costa Rica was filled with fun adventures.  We started off at Nortico which is a cacao farm.  We explored the farm and the different types of cacao that they grow there.  We tried all different kinds of chocolate.  Then we were able to make our own chocolate and add in all of the things we like.  After … Read more about this article

Costa Rica Day 2

costa rica

Day two of Costa Rica was a busy day.  We started off by going to the souvenir shop and visiting the attached farm area.  The shop was filled with so many hand made wood objects that were so interesting.  The farm was filled with lots of different animals including peacocks, bunnies, chickens, fish, a donkey and a cow.  After … Read more about this article

Costa Rica Day 1

costa rica

We arrived in Costa Rica today after a long 12 hours of travel.  After we landed, we met with our travel leader and went to our hotel.  From there, we went on a tour of San José.  We saw all different monuments, parks, and old buildings.  We also saw the places where past presidents lived as well as the … Read more about this article