Day 1&2

After our 14 hour flight, we made our way to Otsuka and settled into the hotel. In the morning after catching up on our jet-lag, we ventured out around the area of Otsuka and visited the Mejiro Garden, the Gokoku-Ji Temple, and the famous Sensō-ji Temple! It was a beautiful day filled with the rich history of Japan’s spirituality. Later in the day, our group celebrated our first full day with a delicious hot-pot dinner!

Mejiro Garden

Nakamise Shopping Street
Mejiro Garden
Tori Gates
Sensō-ji Temple!

2 thoughts on “Day 1&2”

  1. Thank you, everyone for being a part of this Japan trip! It was a beautiful day! Some of us flet as though we have been here in Japan for quite some time mastering the use of public transportation while we felt as if this is all a dream still.

    I ventured out to a nearly by park before our breakfast. The breakfast time gave us the chance to discuss some topics of Food as Medicine. Most of us tried Natto, fermented soy bean for the first time and learned that it contains nattokinase, an enzyme which has anti-thrombolytic effects on us (preventing blood clots => preventing stroke and heart attack). Oncen tamago (poached egg) is a much softer version than any other poached eggs people in the US are accustomed to. Some of us tried umeboshi, a salt cured/sun-dried plum (Japanese apricot) which is considered as a medicinal food in Japan over some centuries.

    During our visit to Kishibo(mo)jin temple, we saw some 1 month-old babies and their families. They were celebrating their babies well-being and seeking blessing at the Shinto shirine. At Mejiro garden, we saw a couple in their traditional Japanese wedding costumes. When asked, they welcomed us to take some photos including them.

    Some of us participated in 2021 Virtual Japan trip to Senso-ji. We felt as though we remember exactly where the buildings and statues were from our virtual trip. Still we learned some new information as we turned into our guide spoke about it.

    The dinner was Shabu Shabu, Japanease style hot pot where we cook our ingredients at the table. By then, some members started to show some fatigue from over 15,000 steps of walking throughout the day. We know we will sleep well tonight.

  2. One experience I was very much looking forward to was a garden in the city. In studying shinrin-yoku, forest bathing, it was mentioned that natural enclaves in the city had positive health effects on the people who visited. I’ve been to Central Park NY countless times but never lost awareness that I was in the city so I was very curious how the Japanese design masked sights and sounds of the city.
    Mejiro Garden is designed for one to immerse themselves in nature, forgetting they’re in the middle of the city. The waterfall and pond are main features and the waterfall sounds mask much of the city noise. The layout of the garden trees and plants block both the sight and sounds of the city, too. The effect was enjoyable! I easily was immersed in nature and forgot the city environment. As an added bonus we witnessed a bride and groom in traditional dress taking their wedding photos in the gazebo.


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