Costa Rica Day 2

Day two of Costa Rica was a busy day.  We started off by going to the souvenir shop and visiting the attached farm area.  The shop was filled with so many hand made wood objects that were so interesting.  The farm was filled with lots of different animals including peacocks, bunnies, chickens, fish, a donkey and a cow.  After that we had lunch at a small coffee shop.  Then we continued on our travel up into the mountains to find the amazing Blanco y Negro Farm.  This farm is owned by two inspirational women, Maria and Laura who built this sustainable farm basically from scratch.  This farm offers so many varieties of vegetables, baked goods, and fruits.  One of the most interesting things at the farm was their ability to grow oyster mushrooms organically, which has never been done before.  After touring the farm, we were lucky enough to have a farm to table dinner made from the two sisters.  Our dinner consisted of rice, oyster mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant.  After dinner we had ice cream with the raspberry jam that the farm makes.  Then we watched a presentation and traveled to CATIE where we stayed the night.

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