Reflections from South Africa

south africa

Reflections by Nicole Joseph: My trip to Durban, South Africa, was amazing and eye opening. I was so excited and nervous about volunteering in a week long internship to work with special education students along-side my professors and fellow college mates.  After the 16-hour flight, we were greeted by the School for International Training(SIT) team-our … Read more about this article

Poems inspired by South Africa

south africa

Cato Manor by Olivia Santarsiero Cato Manor homes speckle the lush, green mountainside An iridescent mosaic whose colorful people and vibrant voices paint  the tile pieces. Light bounces  off aluminum roofs. Kindness bounces  in each smile, nod, wave, laugh. Standing alone they seem broken, not whole, out of place.  But together they create a community … Read more about this article

Reflecting back to Peru


Hola GCU! Returning after spending nine days in Peru I have had some time to reflecton my experiences while studying abroad. I am grateful to be apart of this amazing opportunity and have the chance to connect with my fellow students and the Peruvian culture. Studying abroad may seem frightening and uncomfortable to think about … Read more about this article