Costa Rica Day 7

On our last full day in Costa Rica we started off by fishing for tilapia.  We used a piece of wood with a line attached as well as little pebble of food for bait.  All of the fish that we caught we actually used for lunch.  After lunch, we met with the community leaders of Milano as well as a researcher who is studying the history of the water pollution issues in the area due to the pineapple and banana plantations.  After we learned about the pollution in the water, we were able to go to the pineapple plantations and see them for ourselves.  At night, we went over to Finca Maria Jose for a farewell dinner party.  We ate the traditional meal of Caribbean rice and beans.  Then we sang karaoke and danced to traditional Spanish music.  We were even able to show them some of our dances from back home!  Then we had cake and headed home for the night.

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