Costa Rica Day 6

Day six of Costa Rica was filled with many activities and farm tours.  We started off touring Finca Maria Jose which is where Vickie is spending her homestay.  We learned all about all of the plants that she had as well as all of the animals that she took care of.  Then, we painted signs.  Gianna and Erica pained a sign for Maria Jose’s Ornamental Nursery as well as a sign that would be placed on the road to direct people to the community.  Everyone else also painted different signs for the farms.  Then, we had lunch.  After lunch, we started to explore the different farms that each group was staying at.  We went to Donya Lilly’s farm where both of the professors are staying.  There we saw the lemon trees and the river that she had on her property.  After that we went to Finca La Chiquita which is where Erica and Gianna are staying.  We learned about all of the fruits are trees and vegetables they are growing at their farm and then we even saw their tilapia pond.  After that, we all had dinner together at Finca la Chiquita and we made pizzas together.

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