Ireland day 3-5!

Hello from Ireland!

The days have been packed full! Ireland has been giving us amazing weather and the nicest of people. We have been all over Dublin and most recently made the trek across the country to Galway! We got to learn all about the history of Ireland, going to the Dublin Castle and The Little Museum. The group got to see the country side of Ireland and so many cows! The cliffs were definitely a highlight for everyone! It was stunning! The EPIC museum was impactful, as we learned about the history of Irish immigration. There is something really intriguing about learning the history of another country, stories and names never heard before but had such an impact on the country of Ireland and all over the world. We ended day 5 at the James Joyce Centre. Something we took away from there was the women behind Joyce’s career, who had such an impact and influence on his work. We can’t believe we only have a couple days left! We are going make the most of it!

Dublin Castle!

Cliffs of Moher!

We visted the portal that connects Dublin and New York. Many family members came to see us from the other side, including Christina’s father!

More soon!

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