Day 4 – Santiago Tour & Cooking Class

Vanessa G.

The final Chile meeting was definitely one of the most fun experiences in this program. Ending this program in person with my fellow Virtual Chile Program students was so much fun. We learned earlier on in the week that empanadas are a popular option in Chilean culture. Carlos was kind enough to stop at a local Empada restaurant and read us some of the options of flavors they had such as queso, chicken, beef, ham, and even some vegetarian options. On Friday, we had the opportunity to make both queso and beef empanadas. As a group we worked together to perfect the Chilean empanada. We gathered ingredients such as onions, beef, queso, empanada dough, and olives. While many of us were from different backgrounds and cultures, this cooking activity

brought us all together to enjoy an aspect of Chilean culture. It was exciting to bond with other students who felt as passionate and excited to learn a new recipe and have fun doing it. The empanadas we created were absolutely delicious and it made me feel as if I had a little piece of Chile with me at GCU.

Sister Rachael

The International Day for Women is such a blessing not only to women but also to people in all nations across the globe. I believe that this day was also a blessing in Chile as well. To see women showing up in good numbers to celebrate their big day was amazing to me. This shows the unity of women and the power women have when given the opportunity. From the recordings, I realize that women are always easy to unite and organize for such events. Women have the power to bring people together and share their challenges. This reminded me of my country, Kenya where women celebrate this day with a lot of joy and happiness. Celebrating Women’s Day is a day when women get to socialize, by forming new friends, learning from each other, and releasing stress in their different ways as they celebrate. Congratulations to all women on this big day but in a special manner to the women in Chile.

Lionel N.

Today was “International Women’s day” in Chile and the empanada event Being that, I’m not really in tune with too many world events, I wasn’t aware that it was International Women’s day. However, I like Chile, I like the culture and I think the women are beautiful. 

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