Chile Program Complete!

Grace O.

I had a wonderful time at the Chile event, especially on the fourth day when we explored and tried out   Chile foods. What made it truly special for me was not just the delicious food, but the sense of togetherness it fostered. Food holds a special place in my heart as a significant aspect of my culture, especially in celebrations. The way it brings people from diverse backgrounds together is truly heartwarming. Trying out the Chilean snacks was a delightful experience. My sincere appreciation to everyone involved in organizing this wonderful event.

Sister Tam

During my week of exploring Chile, I couldn’t help but be deeply impressed by the nation’s rich history, marked by a determined pursuit of independence and a steadfast commitment to human rights and freedom. The stories of resilience and unity woven into the fabric of Chilean history have left an indelible mark on my understanding of the country.

Yet, what resonates with me most is the undeniable artistic spirit that pervades the people of Chile. The inhabitants here are true artists, and it’s evident in every aspect of their lives. The vibrant colors of the houses, the unique architectural styles, and, especially, the captivating street art that adorns every corner – all contribute to a tapestry of beauty and vitality. This immersive experience has allowed me to witness firsthand the creativity and passion embedded in the Chilean culture, making it a truly enchanting and dynamic place.

Kevin T.

I had the great opportunity to attend the Chile Live Virtual program as a student in GS200. Before break, I could attend a documentary screening about the backlash and support of Pinochet, as well as the election that got him out of office. During the main week, I was able to attend a virtual session that followed some Chilean friends of Professor Grodewald as they walked the beautiful streets of Valparaiso, and they showed us into their home for a special meal. After that, another friend named Rodrigo showed us his great documentary short films which focused on photography from Chile throughout the 60s to the 80s, largely focusing on common life,  as well as tensions and art regarding Pinochet’s dictatorship. Immediately following, we met another friend of the Professor, who was a former student at GCU, as a design major myself, this was a fascinating discussion of street art in Chile, particularly focusing on where architectural art meets public transportation. To close off the week, I had the chance to make delicious empanadas with my classmates, which was a great way to celebrate Chilean culture while bonding in the kitchen. 

Oscar J.

Reflecting on my recent virtual journey through Chile, I found myself drawing connections to experiences in Sweden. While each country has its own unique landscapes and cultures, there were striking similarities that resonated with me on a deeper level.

One aspect that stood out to me was the profound connection both Chile and Sweden focus on nature. Whether it’s the expansive forests, rugged coastlines, or towering mountains, the natural beauty of these places never fails to leave a lasting impression. Just as Chile’s diverse landscapes captured my imagination, so did the stunning scenery of other regions in Sweden.

Additionally, I couldn’t help but notice the shared commitment to environmental sustainability. In Chile, as in other countries, efforts to protect and preserve the environment are increasingly important. Whether it’s promoting renewable energy, conserving wildlife habitats, or implementing eco-friendly practices, there’s a global recognition of the need to safeguard our planet for future generations. This is big in Sweden too as we learn and talk about it in school.

Ultimately, my virtual journey through Chile served as a reminder of the universal values that unite us all. Across cultures and continents, there’s a shared reverence for the natural world and a collective responsibility to ensure its preservation. It’s a sentiment that transcends borders and speaks to the interconnectedness of our global community.

Kayre G.

The Chile virtual program has given me exposure to the lives and customs of other people as well as learning some historical context that took place in Chile which influenced how it is shaped now. Throughout the week many topics were talked about. A few that I found to be most gravitating for me were days 2 and 3. On day 2 I really got an understanding of how people live and what they do with things like buying food which is different here because we tend to go to supermarkets while in Chile a lot of people tend to buy it from markets that are out in the streets to buy thing to make meals. I also enjoyed seeing their traditions of what they liked el once. Day 3 was also really interesting because we learned about the history of Chile and it was interesting to hear that many people have different opinions on what happened whether it was good or bad and for the most part, people thought it was bad. During the live when the kiosk guy spoke out and thought it was a time where he was relaxed and living well he later said that people would see him in a bad light. This was interesting because he didn’t hesitate to share his opinion at first until the end. On day 3 we also did a small little art project which was a good way to learn about the elevator cart we made as well as incorporate the art style that we saw on day 1 From Vina del Mar & Valparaiso. Overall the whole week brought a lot of new information for me to learn about and really made me want to know more about Chile. 

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