Day 3 – Art in Resistance with Rodrigo Acevedo & Graphic Artist Workshop with Helena Lopez Lepe

Lionel N.

The “Art in resistance” & graphic artist workshop took place today, I observed that they developed lifts/ elevators that lift people to the top of hills because the hills in Chile are so steep that was an interesting revelation. Most of them are out of commission now, but there are still a few that work and tourists come and ride them.

Ayla S.

Today we got to learn more about the historical context of Chile from guest speaker Rodrigo Acevedo. Through images we were able to get a glimpse of what Chile was like during different decades from 1960-1990s. The music in the background with the images also provided a sense of emotion of what it was like during these times. It was very interesting to get to know more about the importance of the Chilean history and I was able to learn new information that I did not know before. Some of the art that we got to see was colorful and they all had important meanings to them. There were multiple images that represented the political leaders and ideologies. The murals represent an artistic way to spread a message and to show what the people have gone through.

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