Ghana awaits

ghana group

Georgian Court University’s nursing students are preparing and eagerly awaiting their trip to Ghana. Students will leave for ten days on January 6th and provide healthcare for underserved communities. We have just divvied up our donations and are ready to go in less than one month.



Previous Next Today we said hasta luego to Peru and hello to the United States. Even though we all enjoyed our study abroad experience, many of us are thankful to return home and get back into our normal routines. Study abroad is an amazing thing to participate in and everyone should do it at least … Read more about this article

Machu Picchu

machu picchu

Previous Next Our volunteer clinic work has come to end and we are all savoring our last few days in Peru. Although it has been a lot of work and tiring days, the clinics are where we learned so much about Peruvian heath care and new things that will help us as nurses. Today we … Read more about this article

Clinic Reflections

clinic in peru

“Hola! Today’s clinic we were on a mountain named Ñusta. I was at the head to toe assessment with Lexy and Allison. Going into this station I was a little nervous and uncomfortable with speaking Spanish and interacting with the patients. Though my confidence was low at first Laura was very helpful and she encouraged … Read more about this article



The Georgian Court University nursing students have began their trip to Peru! After nearly 19 hours of traveling and one missed flight, we have all made it to our home stay in Cusco. The views from the airport to our home were spectacular and it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to … Read more about this article

18 days left…

Peru group

Georgian Court University nursing students are preparing to start their study abroad service trip to Peru. While in Peru, we will be treating patients in a local clinic, indulging ourselves in the Peruvian culture, and checking out some amazing sites. We are all very excited to start this adventure!