Volunteering Day 1

By: Dr. Vincent Chen

I think this video alone deserves a blog post. We woke up early and left at around 8 AM. After about one our drive on a very bumpy road, we arrived at Kpalime. Our tasks are malaria outreach and wound care. The mayor broadcasted the arrival of American medical team (you can hear it on the background in this video) and we tested almost 300 villagers and gave treatment to dozens of wounded patients. One third of the population tested positive for Malaria and we prescribed malaria medicines to them. It was the first time this village received a free medical clinic from our provider, IVHQ. Our nursing students were able to perform the finger stick blood tests from crying children to disabled elderly, and treat minor cuts to severe wounds. They were enthusiastic and professional. I’m so proud of them!

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  1. Hi all in this service trip! Great work! I see the recipients of your care look calm and relaxed. You are providing such great care for everyone. Great video, Vincent!


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