Barcelona is a Fast and Polyhedric Metropoly

Giovanni Ciocca Vasino ~ Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain ~ Spring 2020
When I first visited Barcelona 5 years ago, I immediately fell in love with the energetic and inspiring atmosphere of the city, to the point that I promised myself that one day I was going to live there.

Thanks to GCU Global Education, this dream came true, and I finally got the chance to live and experience one of the most amazing cities all around the world.
Barcelona is a fast and polyhedric metropoly which has lots of things to offer. From the beach to the hills, every place has been literally enchanting to me. Moreover, I had the opportunity to find great friends and live amazing experiences all around Spain. In particular, I visited also Sevilla and Valencia, which were really nice places too. I also had the chance to improve my Spanish and to perfection it, and I also studied a little bit of Catalan. 
The thing I liked the most was without any doubt when me and my friend Octave went to the Camp Nou to see the best-playing soccer team on the planet, FC Barcelona, with all its champions. 
I felt I literally was in the home of football, my greatest passion, where everything was born and developed. The fans were incredible and Messi scored a goal. What could have been better?
I will always be thankful to GCU Global Education and to Laura for giving me this opportunity. This trip and this city in particular will have a place in my heart for ever. 

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