Machu Picchu

Our volunteer clinic work has come to end and we are all savoring our last few days in Peru. Although it has been a lot of work and tiring days, the clinics are where we learned so much about Peruvian heath care and new things that will help us as nurses. Today we went to Machu Picchu and learned all about the ancient Inca civilization. Our first bus picked us up promptly at 5:00am and an hour and a half later, we were at the train station. The Perurail took us into the city of Machu Picchu then we took another bus up the mountain. The scenery was beautiful and it was as if we were in the clouds, so high off the ground. We explored the monument for about two hours, saw some llamas, and took tons of pictures. Joanna, Rachel and Liz hiked down (1 hour hike) while the rest of us took the bus. The memories from today will last a lifetime and we can’t wait to show our families all the photos. Tomorrow will be the last day in Peru and some of us will spend it by walking around the square, doing some last minute shopping, and tasting indigenous food/drinks.

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