Volunteer Work Day 1!

Yesterday began our real purpose for coming to Peru…our opportunity to volunteer! Our social work students had the opportunity to attend the Aldea Infantil de Juan Pablo II, and work with young orphans aged 2-7. From coloring pictures to playing with toys to dancing, our students were just happy to provide whatever they could to make their day a good one for this week. They cannot wait to see what other activities they can be a part of this week. Unfortunately they could not take any pictures, but you can imagine the smiles on our little friends’ faces. Today they hope to bring donations and have an even better day with the kids! Our nursing students had the chance to set up their own medical campaign in San Jeronimo. By the end of the day they served 55 individuals in the area aged 7 months-96 years of age. They had stations set up for admissions, height and weight, vitals, fluoride, medical assessments, and pharmacy! It was an unforgettable experience for them to have, and cannot wait to work with the Quechua community today (the native population of Peru). Along with them today they brought more donations for the community.

The end of our day was filled with more little adventures after our volunteer work which you will see in our pictures. We had the chance to dress in traditional Peruvian clothes and see even more of the culture just through walking the streets of Cusco! This city never ceases to be beautiful!

All of our students, though they were nervous to see what happened in their day realized that they will help in whatever way they can in their time here. We look forward to sharing more stories and experiences throughout the week, and hope to have even more to tell everyone following our journey. Hasta pronto!

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