Beautiful Views, Inca Ruins, and More!

Yesterday was quite the day for our social work and nursing students. We started out the day with the most beautiful, sunny views from the top of our homestay and we could not wait to get started on our tours! After going to the market named San Pedro to look at the local atmosphere and buy some little things for ourselves, we began more adventures. With our amazing tour guide Jennie (A.K.A. J-Lo) we were shown some of the most interesting sites of Cusco, Peru including Saqsaywaman, el Catedral, and many other sites that were influenced by the Spanish settlers, but more importantly the Inca civilization. Learning so much about their history made all of us realize how rich of a culture this really is, and how much it should be appreciated beyond just the Spanish culture. From seeing the views from the top of the mountains to being present in their churches, we all can say this experience was truly unforgettable. Today begins our volunteer work, so make sure to see what we have in store for you tomorrow! Hasta próxima vez!

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