The word of the day is art.

Monday was filled with two of the museums which make up what is called the Golden Mile here in Madrid. The Reina Sofia and The Thyssen Museum are two museums which house similar collections, but find a way to differ themselves immensely. The Reina Sofia houses the Modern Art collection of Madrid and up until the 90s, was a working hospital. The museum keeps on display one of the most important pieces of Pablo Picasso’s work, Guernica, which was his response to the bombings of Northern Spain by the state with the help of Germany and Italy. It was his submission to the World Exposition in Paris, France as he was chosen to represent Spain. The next museum, The Thyssen, houses one of the greatest collaborations of European art in Europe and possibly the world. They carry everything from medieval to modern and make an effort to guide the visitor through hundreds of years of Europe, just through their collection. Although it was a long day, we are a little bit more cultured, a little bit more educated, and just a little bit more aware.

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