Crash Course from Kayly

We are here in Taiwan to learn a little bit more about the topic of exercise science. In this post Kayly will go into detail about one of the most educational parts of the trip thus far regarding exercise science….

One of the most important pieces of information that we’ve learned about health and wellness in Taiwan thus far, is how significant sports are to this country. We had the opportunity to tour the National Sports Training Center in Kaohsiung, and learned that the athletes who are recruited to train in this facility, as well as the numerous departments that serve them, all want Taiwan to receive better representation for their advanced athletics. This training center is one of a kind in Taiwan, with training for several sports, advanced technology to help athletes, and even a department of psychologists to help with the stress many athletes experience. From just this one tour, we were all able to understand that even though Taiwan may be small, their athletes are extremely mighty, and they are hoping to gain better recognition for this immense health and wellness accomplishment.

Quote in the boxing training room-

“Training is tiring, progress is hard, but the dream is clear.”

-Kayly Donovan

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