Sustainable Thursday

We had a tour of the beautiful Bucuti & Tara today. We couldn’t believe some of the things we were hearing and seeing. Bucuti & Tara is know for its sustainability. They have won multiple awards since opening this location.

  • 2024: US News & World Report Gold award, #1 in Aruba, top 15 in the Caribbean.
  • 2023 CHTA Hall of Fame Sustainability Excellence Award.
  • 2022 Ewald Biemans Hotelier of the Year for sustainability –  CaribJournal 
  • 2021 World Travel Market London, World Responsible Tourism Award “Beyond Carbon Neutrality”

This is only a handful of their awards. First we went to see their fitness center. Here they have some machine that generates total green energy when being used. The floors of the fitness center are made of recycled tires. After the fitness center we toured the hotel and got to learn more about their sustainability.

  • They have beautiful green grass that is maintained by grey water that is purified.
  • They plant trees that require less water.
  • Their lobby is 100% paperless and they’re striving to be a 100% paperless hotel.
  • They have water dispensers that keep’s residents from buying water. This way they reduce waste however they do recycle ones that are being thrown away.
  • Their goal is to fully let go of fossil fuel and become fully electric. They do currently have solar panels, however they would like to expand their current solar panels to generate more electricity.
  • Once a month they have a beach clean up.
  • They use LED lights which are more sustainable than others. They are long lasting which reduces waste.

Bucuti & Tara does much more than what I mentioned. We went up to the rooftop where he showed us their solar and water heaters while explaining some ways they are planning to become more sustainable. Everyone was very warm and welcoming.

Tomorrow we have a big day at the University of Aruba. We’ll check back in with you tomorrow!

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