Final few days

University of Aruba:

Friday we had the opportunity to travel to the University of Aruba and listen to a panel of Aruban Entrepreneurs. The four business representatives that attended were; T2Pan, Cunucu Fresh, Keda Keto, and Transition 2 Health. Each of these entrepreneurs took time out of their busy schedules to explain the process of starting their own businesses in Aruba.
The University Representatives facilitated the information by asking certain questions such as what do they believe is the key to being successful business owners. The common theme amongst their answers was to be passionate about what you are doing. As future healthcare providers, we understand that being passionate about your work makes it not only more enjoyable personally, but also more beneficial for those around you. After they answered all of our questions, we each voiced our gratitude and key takeaway from the experience.
Once we were finished with the panel, we got to go in the courtyard of the University to sample some of the products and taste other authentic Aruban foods such as meat croquettes, Aruban arroz con pollo, deviled eggs and pastechi. All of the food was delicious!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow as we’ll be posting our final few blogs!


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