Open Air School

We were blessed to work this week at the Open Air School. This school is unique in that it provides an education to a variety of special needs students. Students are blind, hearing impaired, amputees, among many others. The classrooms are all inclusive in nature and they also keep pace with the education of the main stream school system. South Africa has no special education certification as we are studying towards. These teachers have self taught themselves Braille and work hard to educate in the areas of need for their students. This school started under a tree and has grown into an amazing OASIS! The school also hosts a medical ward and hostile for some of the children. There is very tight security within the school as they are protecting the students from gangs as well as kidnapping. The school houses and protects a number of albino students that are high on a list for trafficking. Each one of the students, teachers, and staff we encountered touched our hearts.

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