Reflecting back to Peru

Hola GCU! Returning after spending nine days in Peru I have had some time to reflect
on my experiences while studying abroad. I am grateful to be apart of this amazing opportunity and have the chance to connect with my fellow students and the Peruvian culture. Studying abroad may seem frightening and uncomfortable to think about but the experiences you gain from it are far more rewarding. I have learned so much from this trip about nursing, diverse culture and myself. This trip showed me that stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances is what makes life so much more exciting and worthwhile. The people you meet along the way, the different foods you taste and the beautiful views make the trip all so worth it. Our homestay couldn’t have been more comfortable and our hosts were so warm and welcoming!  The Peruvian couple that we stayed with gave us the ultimate Peruvian experience when it came to eating their home-cooked meals and living in their house. I enjoyed staying with them instead of a hotel because we were able to experience the culture to the full effect. The hosts were even nice enough to consider our eating preferences and cooked separately for our vegans and vegetarian volunteers.

Peru is a beautiful country and I am so grateful I was able to visit this place with Georgian Court University. If it wasn’t for this study abroad program I probably wouldn’t have traveled to Peru on my own time. Peru is not a popular vacation destination but its beauty and culture is beyond explanation, I recommend this trip to anyone! My overall favorite part of this trip was when we volunteered in the mountains. Though walking the streets of Cusco and hitting
all the touristy spots were amazing, volunteering in the clinic gave me a much bigger
perspective. I enjoyed seeing both sides of Peru, the touristy side and the reality of the Peruvian communities. Where we volunteered were not tourist spots and I would’ve never explored those areas without Georgian Court. Being able to volunteer in Peruvian communities where they need the most medical help was the most rewarding part. Connecting with the people of Peru and experiencing their living conditions and listening to their stories made the trip all so real and meaningful to me.      ~ Elizabeth Porter

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