Let’s Talk About Taipei

The last four days in Taipei have been hectic! Unfortunately the WiFi connection has not been great so we have not been able to make that many posts, so I’ll try to recap our experiences in this post. Our first full day spent in Taipei was full of fun adventures and lots of rain, much like all of the days here in Taipei. We had an amazing tour around the old town of Taipei where we learned about the history involving Taiwan, China, and Japan. The most interesting piece of history about the tour was learning about a historical day called 2/28 which led to a rebellion of the Taiwanese people against their Chinese police force. We also got to see the presidential office (pictured below).After the tour we visited the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101. Here we had some of the most amazing dumplings and even met up with a former student of GCU who now lives in Taiwan.

GCU Pride! Taipei 101.

The next day we went to a to the National Palace Museum, which is ranked one of the top three most important museums in the world, to learn more about the amazing country we are staying in. Ancient Asia artifacts are kept on this museum! After a few hours at the museum we decided it was lunch time and had some pretty awesome burgers with rice buns from our new favorite restaurant Mos Burgers.

It took us only a few minutes to finish up lunch then we were onto our new adventure, the hot springs! Hot springs are common places in Taiwan and Japan where people go to relax. Many hot springs are open to the public but we were fortunate enough to have private hot spring rooms in a beautiful hotel. We all felt so relaxed after about two hours in the warm water. After walking for as long as we have this trip the warm water helped heal the aches and pains from using our leg muscles more so than we normally do.The Gaia Hotel, the most relaxing place in Taiwan!!!

On our final full day here we decided to sleep in a little and do some more relaxed activities like shopping and eating. We visited Tamsui and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. I can’t believe this trip is almost over!

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