Final Thoughts

As we get ready to depart from Taiwan today we wanted to share our final thoughts from this trip…

Kenting, Taiwan.


I learned a lot from my time here in Taiwan not just about the country, culture, and health science but also about myself. I have always been afraid to leave home and travel without my family, I’m not a person who leaves her comfort zone very often so this trip was a giant step for me. Being here has taught me how to adjust to a different life style it taught me to worry less about what others see and just to enjoy they beauty surrounding me. We always want to post what we are doing and have our noses stuck in our phones but seeing the temples and beautiful agricultural of Taiwan tore me away from the world of social media and taught me how to live in the world around me not in my phone. I have learned a lot from this trip and I am forever grateful for the lessons it has taught. There was great food eaten, fun times had and forever fiends made and I will never forget it.

Kenting, Taiwan.


What I really enjoyed during this trip was being able to see the beauty of nature in Taiwan. During my stay at Kenting, I was able to learn about the national parks and see how other tourists enjoyed the parks.

Taipei, Taiwan.


I enjoyed getting to know my group and learning how people can just get along and appreciate one another even from different cultures. I enjoyed learning about the history and religious background of Taiwan as well. I like how respect seems to be a HUGE part of who they are in every part of the country we visited and the concern for recycling and keeping your town clean from litter. My favorite part of the trip was going to the National Sports Training Center and learning about the facility and how the athletes are selected and what they need to do to maintain a spot in the facility. I also enjoyed the beach and exploring the different parts of Taiwan. I made some local friends along the way and overall I am thankful I got to experience this trip even though I was a little homesick and sleepy for some of it.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


My favorite experience from this trip was seeing the big Buddha and the lanterns. It’s hard to imagine something so big, and seeing it in real life was actually breathtaking. I couldn’t even bring myself to take pictures because they didn’t do it any justice. I hope I get to see it again in person some day soon!!

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