Japan Virtual Program (Day 2)

Japan tour
Japan tour

The 2nd day on our virtual trip to Japan   by Lenka Ferry

Our tour today started with “Kikou” (Qigong) health exercise guided by Maki Hoshino, Qigong Master. This exercise helps to elevate function of lungs, collects energy, improve overall health and improve mental health. You can do this even while watching TV for about 30 minutes; stay in each pose for 30 seconds and 5 minutes in the starting pose. Doing this exercise, I started to feel my lungs opening up and I could breathe better. My whole body was awakened and in spite it was evening, I didn’t feel tired; it felt great.

Maki also showed us a prayer that she recommended 9-times per day for 49 days. The prayer can be very short and can be broken into 3 different times throughout the day. There are 7 wishes to make during the prayer:

1st – make a wish for the universe and world

2nd – absorb white light; make a wish for your family to be healthy and happy

3rd – absorb white light; make a wish for your mind and body and to be happy and peaceful

4th – bring white light to your body; make a wish to remove any obstacles

5th – make a wish

6th – make another wish

7th – make a wish for gratitude that your wishes come true

Second portion of our tour today was led by Max Bernard. He guided us through Kyoto city and then through Arashiyama where we had a chance to see bamboo forest. The bamboo grows very fast, once section can grow in one day (80 cm per day). It was amazing to see that much bamboo in one place.

Max showed us statue of “Jizosama” or “Jizou” who symbolizes Buddhism and protects people.

Arashiyama is a place where you can find many spirits (no good or bad). People there celebrate spirits usually in August. It was another unforgettable day of touring Japan.

Japan tour

Day 2: Kikou (qigong) with Miki Hoshino & Bamboo Forest (Chikurin) in Arashiyama (4/6/21) by Dr. Sachiko Komagata

Osamu, our guide in Tokyo was telling us that Maki is like a Buddha or Kannon.  Indeed she was surrounded by the calm expansive energy around her.  We all participated in her kikou for lungs (“Hai no Kikou”) for over 30 min. and then learned and practiced making a wish come true kikou using the Big Dipper (constellation) by sitting at each of the star to make your wishes.  I liked the fact that it ends by sending gratitude for the wishes that came true.  I particularly liked the posture where you sense the energy (ki) moving in clockwise or counter clockwise through your arms and chest.  It is a great way to support the learners gain experience of ki movement in your body.

After this one hour of grounding and expanding our energy source, we visited Arashiyama, Kyoto. It was a sunny breezy day. The mountains, river, and the pine trees were beautiful and since not so many people where there, it felt even more spacious.  Max showed as jizou as well as ashiyu (foot bath) at the train station along the way to the bamboo forest.  What a timing to be able to enjoy Yoshino sakura (cherry blossom) there. Speaking of timing, seeing a couple walking through bamboo forest in their wedding kimono was truly a divine timing. I lived in Japan for 24 years and how many Japanese traditionally dressed bride and gloom before? Only handful of times, so seeing wedding two days in a row is incredible. I was so impressed by Laura Grodewald’s curious eagle eyes spotting a peace pole at the end of Bamboo forest.  Day 2 was absolutely different from Day 1 and both amazing virtual experience to me. 

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  1. Hi Lenka,
    Thank you for such amazing summary of the Kikou (Qigong) session lead by Maki Hoshino! I too enjoyed the kikou session immensely. Arashiyama is one of my favorite section in Kyoto, but Max, our guide was great spending some time on the bridge for us to gaze out onto the river.


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