Home Sweet Classroom

Well, we’ve been back in the states for quite some time, although we all left our hearts and minds with the boys at Calling Academy. We were fortunate enough to still experience school and classroom culture, just not with the age groups or activities that were originally detailed to us. The middle school age group was out of all of our comfort zones, and then, there were only boys! They were all so polite, warm, and curious about life, schools and teaching back home. We were able to sit in on their math, reading, English, language and life skills classes. It is so interesting what is valued and prioritized from country to country. We were lucky enough to spend two days with them. In addition to learning in the classroom, we had a chance for them to teach us how to play cricket as well as a handball game. It was all so fun! Perhaps the most impactful was speaking to them right before we left about the importance of chasing your dreams, never giving up, always being kind to each other and to stay in school. We gave them donations of school supplies and they were so appreciative. Such a beautiful time, experience, staff, students and of course, fellow travelers! The reflections and lessons won’t stop because we’re home: they’ll continue on campus and in online classes as well as the classrooms we call home, too. 

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