Girls Just Had* to Have Fun and Snacks

When we’re not laughing together at night, we’re eating snacks and playing all kinds of card games. We each brought snacks and protein bars from home but we’re noticing so many similar and different snacks in the markets! Even the flavors of Lays potato chips are very different, and then we found Simba chips!! There’s no such thing as Dunkin Donuts, but there is a Starbucks… same for Chick-Fil-A but there is KFC! It’s been so interesting to try and compare what we see and what we are used to. Trying new foods together takes us all out of our comfort zones. Based on breakfast alone, we all conclude that Cape Town peanut butter is better than American peanut butter! This has been an easy way for us to get out of our comfort zones, learn about each other and also the styles here. 

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