First Impressions from Abroad – January study abroad

Students share their first images from abroad as they embark on explorations of 3 different countries over the next 3 weeks. These students have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity and preparing to go abroad for a while, and their time has finally arrived!

Hannah Koutishian, our Benjamin Gilman Scholarship recipient, shares from Prague, Czech Republic: "I'm not sure what to say other than that it's the most beautiful city I've ever been to and the culture is very rich. The city is so well preserved with some of the building dating back to the 800's!!!"

Brianna Barbarise, our recipient of the Sister Mary Catharine Sullivan Award for Global Education, shares her first days in Ecuador: "The first day was spent exploring Quito and the USFQ campus! We arrived on San Cristobal today and were immediately greeted by some sea lions! We got to eat a beautiful lunch & walk along the beach after class. I am now living with my host mom (she doesn't speak English) so I will be practicing so much Spanish!"

Faith Bennett shares photos of her first tastes of Italy after she just arrived to Rome where she'll be taking a course on nutrition this month.

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