Day 7 in Hawaii πŸͺΈπŸŒŠ

Today was the final day in Hawaii, however the group still had activities plan for that day! We started off the day by going shopping for one last time. Then we all decided to go get lunch. The group decided to split up and go to two different places. One group got tacos another group got the local breakfast! When lunch was over, we all headed down to the hotel for the lecture. Nate Gyotoku and his assistant Devon gave us a lecture on Japanese History and culture in Hawaii. The lecture talked about many important points such as when the Japanese first came to Hawaii and also when other ethnic groups decided to come to Hawaii as well. Nate gave us little pamphlets on the Kachikan values. One is Kansha which means Gratitude, or being thankful. We were all thankful that Nate took the time to teach us about the Japanese History of Hawaii. When the lecture was over we all headed to the beach one last time. We also had to get some famous shaved ice before we left! At 6:00 we all headed to the airport. It was bittersweet to leave but everyone was pretty exhausted and ready to return home. Our tour guide Heaven said goodbye to us and we were on our way back to New Jersey. A hui hou Hawaii! We’re all grateful and humbled for this amazing experience!

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