Day 5 in Hawaii 🍍πŸ₯₯

On Day 5 the group traveled to the Hawaiian Plantation Village. The Plantation village grows sugar cane. Our tour guide Michi showed the group around the village where it had a few historic homes and equipment used in the farm. It was very interesting to see all the different types of homes and ethnicities that were inside the plantation. It was interesting to see how each person lived during this time. Each one was separated from each person. The Japanese had and Their own space, so did the Chinese, Portuguese, and Filipinos. When the tour was over, it was lunch time. Foodland was the next best thing! This isn’t your average food shore. You can shop for food but also have an amazing selection of poke bowls, drinks, and enjoy the little cafes inside the store! Foodland has it all. The next spot on the itinerary was Pearl Harbor Memorial. The memorial stands as a final resting place for the 900 men and women who are on ethneral duty honoring them for surviving their country. Thank you to all the men and women who continue to serve our country. A few hours later the group went to a luau. The luau is a traditional celebration here in Hawaii. The hula girls danced beautifully. Fire dancing was also part of the show! All the dancers practice for many years before they can dance with fire. During the finale of the luau, Dr.Chen was asked to dance on stage with everyone. He really showed everyone his amazing dances moves! Dr.Chen was also celebrating 15 years of being in America!

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  1. Aloha to you all! Sounds like you had a full tour of historical and cultural sites today. You all look beautiful in Hawaiian dresses and the head dresses! Dr. Chen, you need to show us how to dance when you return! I see different alters in the photos. 3rd from the top / far left shows the room with a very traditional Japanese drawers/dresser, sewing machine, a set of “Hagoita” (wooden paddle to hit a shuttlecock just like a badminton playing. This is done during the new years’ days. If you miss hitting, you get a penalty by marking on your face with black ink (just for fun). You will see a traditional Japanese doll in a glass box you saw there at GCU soon because we received some Japanese doll donations.
    Hula dance is very popular in Japan.


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