Acropolis & Athens – Virtual Tours

By: Tyshona Robinson

This was our final virtual tour, and this was the most entertaining day out of them all. When we first entered, I mentioned how I am big into architecture and that’s the most interesting thing to me although I’m no architect. So, when we began in Acropolis with our tour of all the beautiful temples I was beyond excited. My favorite was the temple of Athena Nike, which is dedicated to the goddess Athena and Nike (built 420 B.C). A fun fact that I learned about this site is that it was once a religious place for those who worshipped them to go and practice. Now it is no longer used for that being that not many practice anymore and is primarily for educational purposes.

The second half of the tour was of Athens and majority of what the city has to offer. Our guide was super passionate about showing us everything easily letting me know he is so proud of his country. From the proper phrases in conversation, kiosks, street performers, local shops, transportation, tourist hot spots and so much more I felt like I was there with him. Athens reminded me of New York City minus how friendly everyone is there. I noticed our guide was constantly smiled and waved at which is so different than here in the states, whereas someone would be offput by that.

Something that I thought was really cool about Athens is that you could be walking in a local shop area in a modest area. Then around the corner you have access to more luxurious brands known worldwide, but still receive the same hospitality as the smaller local shops. This area also had more known food chains in the area and honestly looked like a clean NYC. It was surreal to see such a beautifully developed country. I’d love to visit Athens some day and experience the new culture and most importantly the fashions that it has to offer. This program was extremely insightful and a ton of fun to experience. I’d recommend it to all students who are both certain and uncertain of international travel to help broaden horizon and give travel country ideas.

By: Jennifer Dixon

The tour guild for the Acropolis tour was very knowledgeable. What stuck out to me the most was the women’s inability to vote. One time voting, All men voted for Poseidon, and all women voted for Athena, and Athena won by one vote. Crazy! The city got its name because of the one extra woman vote. The men feared that Poseidon would get mad at them (they wanted to keep him happy. Therefore, women were not allowed to vote) again. Crazy!! I love that the tour guide said basically they gave women that one shot and then messed it up never again.

The only thing I would change if it could be changed is the motion. I felt as if I was getting seasick from all the action (movement). There is nothing that the tour guide can do. It was my sensitivity to motion. But the view was stunning.

On the Tour of Athens, you could see people on the streets people playing music/singing in the streets and selling items. The city looks so clean and well-kept. I just found out that Athens was the capital of Greece because of its geographical location. I love that with each tour of Greece, all guides assure you of safety. It makes me want to visit in person. Omg, the gelato was my favorite part of the tour. The flavors look amazing. Definity needs to be there in person. And it is much cheaper than in America. Great tour so much to see.

By: Maegan Moser

We started our day with our Aeropolis Tour. There were many facts about Athena the goddess of wisdom and how the city was named after her. As a gift, Athena gave the city and Oliver Tree and Poseidon the god of the sea gave the city a little stream so they can get freshwater. The city is also called Athena Nike which means victory. There is also a temple for the God of Fire – Hephaestus! There is also a vote between Athena and Poseidon, to see who would be named after the city, and the women voted for Athena and the men voted for Poseidon. Athena one by one vote! Many of the architecture is falling apart and trying to be restored with new pieces of marble. You cannot touch it and you have to stay a safe distance away from the architecture because the country of Greece is trying to reserve it as much as they possibly can. 

We also saw the temple of Olympian or the temple of Zeus. Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and he created her from the palm of his hand. There is also the theater of Dionysus and it was first theater ever in Greece. 

Athens Tour 

Dionysis  and his sister were our guides. 

Both of them took us on a beautiful local walk around the city of Athens, weather, local shops, food, stores, ice cream, parlors, and also coffee shops. It’s a very lively city, especially at night. We also got a very cool glimpse of the changing of the guard in front of the political building!  

What an extremely fun day! 

By: Diana Nicolas

We visited the Acropolis and Athens. It was a beautiful day to visit the Acropolis the citadel in ancient Greek towns. After the Persian invasion in 480 the Athenians had initially vowed to keep the acropolis in a state of ruin as a reminder of the horrible price of war however Pericles convinced them to rebuild it. Athens powerful city in Ancient Greece that was a leader in arts, sciences, philosophy, democracy and architecture. I was very happy to learn about them.

By: Katelyn Santello 

Day 3 was super exciting because it was all tours. We first toured Acropolis. Acropolis was beautiful. The views were stunning. Our tour guide answered all of our questions and showed us the best spots. It was sunset in Greece and the sunset was incredible. After our tour in Acropolis, we toured Athens. We got to see Athens at night and got a glimpse of nightlife in the city. I am so happy we got to see Athens because Athens is a very popular place in Greece. 

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