We have WIFI!! – Day 2

Hola! Bienvenidos to our medical mission blog in Nicaragua! We landed safely and got to CEPS late last night, and had no access to wifi.. Sorry for the delay in blog posts. Today we had our orientation to the clinic, and a quick rundown of Nicaragua’s history. Once at the clinic we split into a few groups. Dr. Bailey and Allison went on home visits with the OBGYN nurse, walking to each patient’s home in the neighborhood. Dr. Resnik-Cortez, Alberto, and Brianna also did home visits for patients with Chronic pain. Trish and Cynthia shadowed the OBGYN Physician and learned how to find a fetal heart beat and the position of the fetus. Nick, Jess, and Kaci triaged patients and worked in the clinic. Sarah and Kelsey worked in the pharmacy and helped package and distribute medications. Todays weather was not so bad only 86 with some sun, clouds and surprisingly rain. There was an earthquake today and one last night.. but don’t worry, we didn’t feel anything 🙂 Tomorrow we have a free day to hike the local mountain/volcano and swim in La Laguna ( the lagoon)! Here are some pics of what we saw today…

Inside Health Clinic
Front of Main health clinic
Lunch at JHC
Breakfast at CEPS
Working with the OBGYN
It rained today!! Unheard of for the month of March


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