Tour of Clinica Docente, Ciudad Sandino

Make it work- Be creative- #1 rule of nursing
OR suite
Nicaragua- Professor of nursing – She has 5 students Monday-Friday and 45 on Saturday and Sunday so they can work full time during the week
Dr. Marlene Bordas – Head of clinic – There are mission trips 4xs a year to this clinic in which free health care is provided to over 160 patients per day for a week
Radiology- No pregnant women allowed
First code cart seen since our arrival
The clinics only IV cart
What do y’all think this is?
Triage room for incoming patients to determine their level of care
The clinics Pharmacy
Incubator for the new babies
Settling the height feud – Kaci is 5’3 AND A HALF Allison is 5’2 AND A HALF and Jessica is ONLY 5’2
Ultrasound machines

ECG room

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