Reflections of Germany

“After my first trip to Germany, I feel much more enlightened about the country. We visited two major cities, Munich & Berlin, and I’m grateful we spent enough time in each to truly appreciate their rich cultures and histories, as well as the differences between the two.

Berlin has deep rooted WWII connections that are prevalent throughout the city. It is clear that Berlin is also continuously evolving into a more trendy city. The city is attracting more millennials, and exuding a youthful vibe while still respecting the history of the city by paying homage in distinct and non traditional ways.

Munich on the other hand was a much more traditional city. Rich with history, but history that dates back ages. I learned that the “German Beer” that we hear so frequently about in America is mostly a Bavarian specialty, with high prevalence in Munich especially. Munich has traditional Bavarian Biergartens, historic & lively city centers, as well as beautiful landscapes such as the English Garden.

Overall, the time we spent in Germany touring the cities as well as visiting a few very different businesses, has given me a pretty complete picture of life in the country. From differences in business customs, to the social nuances, this trip provided me with a different perspective & appreciation of not only German culture, but the relative American culture as well”

-Angela Giordano

“Visit, experience, enjoy and cherish”.  Entire trip was wonderful from start to finish.

-Ken Ward

“As someone who has never traveled outside of the United States, this was definitely an experience and a time I will never forget. The beautiful sites of Munich and Berlin, along with the amazing people in our group truly made this trip. After the long hot days of touring the grounds of Germany’s historical sites and trademarks we all enjoyed dinners together where we reflected on our days and shared many many laughs. We gained more knowledge, friendships, and most importantly memories.”

-Caitlin Murphy

Munich to Berlin: “ Once in a lifetime experience. Loved learning the culture, business practices both in corporate and entrepreneurial aspects in real estate. The added bonus was making new friends to move forward with. I highly recommend this to any student looking for adventure and experiencing something out of there comfort zone.”

-Chris Jarahian

“Germany was truly an experience of a lifetime. It took me a few days to actually believe I was exploring a different country. Walking the cities of Munich and Berlin, being able to learn the German culture, the different tastes of food, and learning so much history, it was truly memorable. Being back at home, I realized how much more I appreciate Germany and all the memories I made there with great people by my side.”

-Courtney Marcucci

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