Made it to El Porvenir

Made it to the top 🙂

Last step of the coffee process
These women must separate the defective coffee beans and fill 1 large red bag for the days work. The boss walks by and grabs a handful of the “good” bag and if more then 3 beans are defected the woman must start over again. Men are not allowed to do this job because they are not thorough/patient enough.

Ready to be shipped out. Each bag is 150lbs
Papa y nieto led the way
Touring the Coffee farm
Picking cocoa off the tree
Cracked open so we all can try- FYI it does not taste like chocolate
Coffee beans fresh off the tree

Made a new friend – Christopher

The dorm for single men/women coffee farm workers. Up to 4 men sleep in one cubby- all doors and windows must be sealed for protection from bugs and animals.
Mothers/fathers with children will sleep in the bigger dorm

The kitchen at the top of the mountain where they made a wonderful lunch for us 

We love the animals, there were so many wild chickens, pigs and cows

On a sad note, the dogs here are not held to the same value as they are in the US, dogs here are filed with fleas and rabies and are considered dirty and protection for the family. There is an abundance of stray dogs and it has been breaking our hearts. Below is a picture of a pup we met while eating lunch, we were told not to feed him (but we snuck some snacks to him)

Disclaimer-You can see the ribs on just about every animal here.. the food supply is low and needed for the families before the animals can get fed. The wet season brings more grass for them to feed. (it is currently the dry season)


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