Hola todos

Today is our last day here in Nicaragua. For those wondering, we will be landing in El Salvador at 6:30pm, then again at JFK airport at 1:20am. The time will then change at 2 am so we are assuming we will be back at GCU by 4 am. We are excited to see you all!

-Leaving today is a bittersweet feeling. We have made new friends, and have really enjoyed touring the country as well as working in the health clinic. Each day we worked construction (and were taught how to rebarb and prep an empty dirt filled building to create a floor) and then for the second half of the day went on home care visits, worked in the lab, shadowed Drs. and triaged patients. We also worked with interns from all over the world and heard their stories and experiencesfrom their time here.

-We had many eye opening experiences on this trip that has forever made us extremely grateful for living in the United States, and showed us what we truly take for granted each day. We are excited to tell you more details when we arrive home.

Adios amigos 🙂

“How consoling it is in the evening to find oneself tired and worn out because the whole day was spent doing God’s work.”
-St. John Bosco

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