Heartfelt Poems

POEM by Sotirios Gkosdis

In realms where water meets the land,

Two nations stand, hand in hand.

The U.S. and Chile, stories unfold,

Of waters tainted, tales of old.

In the U.S., Flint’s water woes,

Lead-filled taps, a crisis grows.

Chile’s desert blooms, mines’ toxic trace,

Sacred rivers lose their grace.

Yet, these local cries do not stand alone,

Their echoes heard where the globe has grown.

Local actions ripple, global waves they cast,

In interconnected fates, the die is cast.

Environmental justice, a term oft-debated,

In both these lands, it’s unequally weighted.

Communities in shadows bear the brunt,

Of pollution’s price, a cruel affront.

Human rights intertwined, in this earthly plight,

Air and water, sources of life, are our right.

Yet, in disparity, the poor bear the load,

Suffering more, down life’s harsh road.

Greece, with its seas so blue and skies so clear,

Yet, challenges too, it does steer.

Mountains once green, now scarred by fire,

A warning sign of nature’s ire.

Connected we are, by land, sea, and air,

The environment’s plight, a burden we share.

To make an impact, change must start small,

In individual choices, we can all stand tall.

Educate, advocate, the path forward lies,

In community action, hope never dies.

For in protecting nature, we protect ourselves too,

A healthier world, for me and for you.

POEM by Gabriela Traynor

In the tapestry of our world, intertwined,

Lie threads of our rights, in nature’s beautiful design.

Where humans live and see nature’s pretty sight,

Merge in the struggles we face every day and night. 

Environmental truths, not just told tales,

But echoes of justice, where that truth sails.

For every tree cut down or every river dried,

Human rights with nature always coincide.

In lands and polluted skies,

The cries of human health often rise.

For in the smoke and in the haze,

Lies the denial of basic human ways.

For poorer communities, the burden’s weight,

They bear the fight of nature’s wrath,

Their homes, their health, left in its path.

Where toxic waste meets humble side,

And clean water is a distant road,

Environmental issues carve a sad divide,

Access to clean air, water, and land,

Are rights for all, not just at hand

Of those with wealth and hold power’s crown,

But for every soul, from city to town.

For it is essential to safeguard our nature and we will find,

The essence of human rights intertwined.

We deserve a clean, healthy world 

For it is us who cause the imperfect twirl 

So let’s change our ways for all 

Before it is us who fall.

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