Day 3 in Hawaii 🌴

Starting off the day right with a beautiful sunrise. A few dark clouds were in the way but the colors were gorgeous. When the sun rose up we began our day with a Tai Chi lesson. Slower movements are the best movements for the body! There was also some local art for sale. A few students brought some to take home. Later, a few students wanted to spend a few hours at the beach while a few went zip lining. At 3:30, the group was ready for their glass bottom boat tour around Kewalo habor. There was a sea turtle sighting and many fish. When the tour was over everyone went to a restaurant called Moko! While walking to the restaurant everyone had to admire beautiful art murals painted on some of the buildings. Everyone was exhausted another fun filled day of activities! More excitement to come!

Day 3! By Tribly Kite

We practiced Tai Chi and I learned that the slower movements force you to really focus on channeling your energy through all of your muscles and strengthens you internally. On the glass bottom boat tour our guide explained a lot of the meanings to different Hawaiian words and names for animals/landmarks. We sailed from Kewalo harbor, which is home to 80% of the island’s imports and where they also have a shipyard for building their own ships!

Brittany Webster : Day 3- Starting the day with a tai chi lesson with the breathtaking view of Waikiki beach made me feel so at peace. Our instructor made the art of tai chi look effortless while it was quite difficult when you lack balance like myself. I would love to keep practicing and build on this graceful martial art to balance my body and mind.

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  1. I can see from the photos and your blog entries that you are learning and practicing self-care, nourishment through nature, laughter, and appreciation of beauty! I can’t wait to meet up with you and hear your stories! I would like to be packed up and shipped to Hawaii right now!
    Anyone wants to continue practicing Tai Chi? I have a class in Fall!


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