Day 2 in Hawaii 🌊🀿🐠

Our second day in Hawaii was an unstructured free day. Many of us started the day with Kona coffee for breakfast! Then everyone went the the local ABC Store for more souvenirs. Then after everyone had their coffee and finished shopping everyone changed for the beach! Everyone was extremely excited! The water was absolutely beautiful with wonderful shades of blue and turquoise. Everyone tried the paddleboard and everyone enjoyed it. After a few hours on the beach everyone decided that they wanted to go to the zoo. The Zoo had many beautiful animals including elephants, giraffes, and cheetahs. Around 3:30, everyone got a late lunch. A few hours of relaxing time and by then everyone was ready for a nice dinner at the Mai Tai Bar. The restaurant had live entertainment and beautiful scenery. All the food was phenomenal. The sunset on the beach was the perfect way to end the day.

Brittany Webster- Day 2 The highlight of my day was paddle boarding in the beautiful pacific waters of Waikiki beach. I also enjoyed our dinner at Mai Tai where we were surrounded by local music, tiki torches and fresh air.

Trilby Kite : Day 2 started off with some amazing coffee from the Kona Coffee shop across the street from our hotel. I loved experiencing authentic Hawaiian coffee for the first time! I also loved getting to see the beach and paddle board in the ocean with the rest of the group and soak up the sun. Although, the highlight of my day was walking through downtown Honolulu for dinner and seeing the city come to life at night!

Day 3 By Angie – Hawaiian society vs home: basically everyone in Hawaii so far has been welcoming, generous and generally so so nice. This is the only place I have ever traveled where I don’t feel a negative stigma for being a β€˜tourist.’ They really live embody the meaning of ohana every day. Everyone from tour guides to coffee shop workers, nothing but kindness. While I don’t feel homesick yet (and hopefully never) I think it’s because of the warm culture.
The glass boat tour was one of the coolest things we have done so far. Not only were our guides extremely informative, they were so knowledgeable and actually took the time to communicate with us and learn why we were visiting. Also we learned so much about the conservation efforts that the people of Hawaii put into protecting the environment. They are very passionate about making sure that wildlife is preserved and unharmed. Our boat tour guides taught us all about ocean life, especially how the fish and turtles coexist harmoniously and actually benefit each other.

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  1. Day 2 sound amazing! Kona coffee and puddleboarding in Hawaiian beautiful water—you all really making us in NJ wanting to be overnight shipped to Hawaii.


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