Day 1 in Hawaii 🌺

GCU students and faculty started off their day at the airport, greeted by their tour guide Heaven. Once everyone was settled, everyone went on a bus tour with Heaven and the bus driver Josh aka Bearded turtle! The group saw the King Kamehameha Statue and the Lolanti palace. They also visited the Aloha Tower. Afterwards the group went to Side Street Inn for some amazing food! After dinner we all got some well deserved sleep!

Day one entry, Dr. Vento

We had a really great travel day. It was a long flight but everything went well. Our program coordinator met us at the airport, took us to our hotel, and then on a brief bus tour of Honolulu. Our welcome dinner in the evening was wonderful! It was a family style restaurant with lots of delicious local foods that everyone got a chance to try. We were all so jetlagged by then of course. It was good to have a hearty meal after airplane food and snacks all day. I am grateful for safe travel and for being in this indescribably beautiful place with such a wonderful group of GCU students and faculty! It is going to be a great week!

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